Professional portrait photography High Wycombe


Photographer, Cabinet maker, Judoka, Dancer, Father ...

Different facets to a simple guy. I was always drawing, painting, making things as a child. I had cameras from early on, wonderful toys which helped me create interesting images.

I became a cabinet maker, that's what you did in High Wycombe in the 20th century and the things I made are still around, the beginnings of my legacy I suppose. Photography as a living was an accident, redundancies forcing me to find alternative income sources. Never looked back.

Judo plays, has always played, a significant part in my life. I'm fit in my 50's because of it and the lessons it teaches on the mat apply with equal strength off it. I teach, I train, I compete.

" It is not important to be better than anyone else, only to be better than you were yesterday" (Jigoro Kano).


To create beautiful things which last, to tell a story which goes on long after I have gone is my goal. Whatever type of photography you are looking for, working with me will continue this story, your legacy and mine.


So what do I do?

I'm primarily a portrait photographer. I shoot head shots, model portfolios, Boudoir and maternity, corporate portraits, schools, groups etc. In studio and on location.

In addition I undertake product photography, event work, some sports. I am always open to new suggestions so if you have an idea get in touch and I am more than happy to discuss your project.

 Clients are varied but include The BBC, Glaxo SmithKline, Gillman and Soame to name but a few.


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